Cantina Bacelli was born in 1970, from passion and love for nature. It was founded by Dario Bacelli and today is run by his son Giovanni and his family.


For the past 300 years the Bacelli family has lived in the town of Cingoli, which is called “Balcony of the Marche” for its scenic location. Our family is forever tied to the nature of this area and the need to let people know about it is linked with the traditional Marche hospitality that still exists in this land.


The ancient origins that go with the evolution of the winery allow us to grow up without ever forgetting the real values, which are the core of our work. That’s why the Verdicchio, a timeless wine, perfectly describes what words cannot express.


The winery is a part of a wider and diversified farm and includes 6 hectares of vineyards planted during a wide time frame. Since the 1970s until 2020, the age difference enables the grapevines to reach several components in the soil, which are then found in the wine glass.


Our territory is included in the most ancient production area, so the name “Classico” on our labels makes us proud of the wine we produce.


The most delicate operations are performed exclusively by hand, thus allowing a directed plant care. The harvest involves in particular the selection of grapes, carried out bunch by bunch, directly in the vineyards to provide the best Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico.


In harmony with nature, when pruning and tying the vines we only use bioplastic materials, thus reducing pollution and environmental impact.