Wine tasting

The tasting of our wines, strictly matched by local products, turns into a magical experience.

The walks in the vineyards offer amazing views among the rows that change throughout the year and come with detailed explanations regarding every step of production, from the planting of the vineyards to the wine-tasting. We therefore provide the most complete and fulfilling wine tourism experience.


Wine tourism allows you to get a full picture of our production, the combinations with food, the flavours and above all, the passion which guides us in our work all year long.

Pet friendly.png

Pet friendly

Tutti gli animali sono ammessi nella nostra cantina, dai più grandi ai piu piccoli

bike friendly.png

Bike friendly

I cicloturisti possono trovare un ottimo punto di ristoro tra le splendide colline cingolane


Nordic Walking Friendly

Nei dintorni dei nostri vigneti puoi trovare percorsi per scoprire il territorio