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Marche Rosato I.G.T.

A clear rosé, obtained from Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes worked in white.

The soft squeezing made it possible to obtain a soft color, peculiar to the bottle.

A wine suitable for everyone, a companion for aperitifs at sunset.


The name is the symbol of the legends that permeate the territory.

The nymphs, courtesans of Queen Circe, populated the stories of our grandparents, including long skirts to cover the goat's feet and the noise of the hooves that danced folk dances.

Color : onion sheet

Aromas : citrus, which express finesse with a floral of lavender and blackberries

Flavors : hint of grapefruit, which determines its freshness

Alcoholic content : 11.5 degrees

Aging : stainless steel

Bottles produced : about 2,000 bottles a year

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